Akacia Group

( 1-770-579-9663 2  1-770-579-9793

P.O. Box 10, Black, Alabama 36314, USA

The Akacia Group is a partnership organized in 1995 to provide a vehicle for cooperative business opportunities between foreign and US organizations.  Since then we collaborated with numerous entities in Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany and several other countries.  We are licensed in the USA states of Georgia and Alabama.  Our expertise extends over technical consulting in the area of technology transfer, importation of foreign materiel, and contracting.  We are thoroughly familiar with ITAR and are operating under USA 22 CFR Part 120, et al, and INCOTERMS 2012.  We hold a continuous US Customs Bond.  Our US Department of Defense Cage Code is 1F9H4 and our Dun & Bradstreet Number is: 95-644-6371.

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